Open House
Pottery Sales

Open House Pottery Sales are held Saturday and Sunday 9 AM to 5 PM the first full weekend of December and June.

Next Open House Pottery Sale  Saturday June 1st and                  Sunday June 2nd, 2019  

 9AM to 5PM

Please call (706) 769-8100 for confirmation of the event.

Map to Farmington Pottery

My wife, Lisa, and I moved to Farmington, Georgia in 1990 to open a potttery loosely based on the principles instilled in me as an apprentice in England during the 1970s.

Tempered by several years of art school and experience as an itinerant journeyman potter, my basic approach has been to steadily develop new shapes and surfaces, while maintaining a rhythmic flow of pots through the workshop.

I produce an extensive range of dinnerware, kitchen and tableware, individual pieces and some garden pots. All pots are made from durable stoneware or porcelain. About half of current output is wood fired.